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Deepdan Foundation Welfare Society is a nonprofit organization based in Lucknow. It was registered in 2013 under the society registration act 21,1860. It is based on the ideology of women empowerment and better education and quality life for women as well as girls. It was formed with the basic objective to save girl child and promotes this awareness not only in urban but also in remote rural areas. In 2 years of its existence, this organization has been successful in providing all the benefits and the status that every woman or girl is entitled of. Deepdan Foundation Welfare Society has worked very hard to provide quality treatment to girls suffering from congenital heart disease and cancer. Women have equal rights to attain their desired status and rights in the society but still, in our country,


To inspire people to donate blood voluntarily . Create awareness among the people about the noble cause of Blood Donation.


India accounts for more than half(58 per cent) of the world’s neo-natal deaths. Improper healthcare facilities, lack of immunization,
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