Wild Care’s mission is to treat injured, ill and orphaned native wildlife for release, to prevent wildlife casualties through public education and live counseling, and to engage the community in conservation through volunteerism. Since our founding, Wild Care has accepted over 24,000 wild creatures, representing 275 species of native birds, mammals, and reptiles. On average Wild Care receives 1,300-1,700 wild animals per year for treatment. Of those admitted, about half come to us due to injuries and habitat loss due to human activities. It is a vital part of Wild Care’s mission to help educate the public on ways they can avoid harming our animal neighbors. We work with the community to positively impact the lives of wild animals through our counseling, educational efforts, and outreach. Wild Care does not charge the public for our services to wildlife.

Wildcare camps provide unique and immersive experiences focused on environmental education, conservation, and wildlife appreciation. These camps offer participants the opportunity to connect with nature firsthand, fostering a deeper understanding of ecosystems, biodiversity, and the importance of conservation efforts

Through a combination of outdoor activities, field trips, workshops, and interactive sessions led by experts in the field, Wildcare camps aim to instill a sense of environmental stewardship and responsibility in participants.